Vicar's Message

Wishing you a Joyous Christmas & A Graceful New Year

Dearly beloveds in Christ,

I am extremely delighted to be with you at" the most wonderful time of the year"! This is my first Christmas in England. I could see your spirit, unity, enthusiasm and joy in the last few events and I am proud to be part of such a wonderful community and I thank God Almighty for this opportunity.

I would like to share a few thoughts:

God came down to save everyone leaving His glory behind: It was a perfect identification with the creation. If we want to save or gain anyone, we need to be united with them. No matter who is above and below. We may assume that we exceed others in everything. But none is above the Creator. To unify with others we have to accept them as what they are and what they have. All humans bear the Image of God in them .This image is' the unifying element' of humankind. It is not to be measured by what they wear and where they live, the jobs they have and the language they speak.

They saw the Heavenly infant wrapped in torn clothes:

Torn clothes could be anything that we find as useless; a thing, a person, an incident, a place or a word .But under the torn wraps Christ could be concealed. Let no one be looked down or underestimated. When we fail to recognise the value of something, there could be the danger of throwing Christ into dump.

They recognised their saviour in the infant:

Tender aspects of life should be given due importance. Living in a polished culture we may not express our genuine feelings. We may hold back our profuse tears fearing that others may find us fragile. When we observe a child we may notice how much power they apply in demanding things. For the grownups it may mean nothing. Although tender and weak, a child can gain the whole world with that power. Tender things in life could acquire more power at the time of need and they could save us than the strongest.

God bless

Thomas Achen

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