St Gregorios Orthodox  Sunday School


St. Andrew- by- the- Wardrobe Church

Queen Victoria Street London  EC4V.


“Train children in the right way, and when old, they will not stray.”  (Prov. 22:6)


Dear Parent,




Welcome to you all.  We hope, you find this newsletter useful. This is to inform you all about our Sunday School intended for children to the age of 16.  We are pleased to find that our children have developed a genuine interest in attending the Sunday School. Thanks for bringing them and for your continued support.




Following is a summary of the curriculum your child will be doing for this year.

   Bible Stories


   Devotional Songs

   Hymns used in the Holy Eucharist

   A glance on the life history of St Thomas.


As a guide, the proposed Orthodox Syrian Sunday School Syllabus will be followed suiting to the age of the children.




As the children attending the Sunday School are of varied age, they will be taught in four separate groups as follows:

   Pre-School (3-5yrs)

   Infant Sunday School (5+-7yrs)

   Junior Sunday School (7+-11yrs)

   Senior Sunday School (11+-16yrs)


We hope, the above structure will meet the current requirements. If you have a child /children who come under the above age group, please encourage them to attend the Sunday School, as you know the future of our Parish is much dependant on our children.     




To meet the growing demands of our children, we have a dedicated team of teachers who are willing to offer their valuable time.  Your help and support extended towards us would be well appreciated.



Immediately after the Holy Communion on every Sunday (unless there is a special event) for half an hour.  We do realise that time is an important factor in today’s life and every effort will be made to avoid delay. 



Other Activities:


To make it interesting and to create a friendly atmosphere for our children, the following activities will be conducted occasionally.






   Stage Performance



   Annual Examination


If your child has any particular skills (eg. Music, using an instrument , dance etc) please let us know so that their talents could be utilised.


Sunday School Day


 Sunday School Day will be conducted on Sunday, 1st July 2001, as decided by the General Body of the Church held on 25th February 2001.


What’s Next?


              Let us work together for a brighter future.


for The Team of Sunday School Teachers


Annie J  Varghese (Mrs)