H.G.Dr.Thomas Mar Makrios ( 26May1926 - 23February2008)

His Grace Dr.Thomas Mar Makrios   departed  to heavenly abode at 11 AM (GMT) to day, 23rd February,  in Newcastle General hospital most graciously after doing his bounden duty. As a priest, and especially as a hierarch, Metropolitan Makarios  was distinguished for his ecclesiastical ethos, his work ethic, his adherence to the fundamentals of liturgical life, his commitment to the Orthodox Faith and the traditions of St. Thomas  Heritage.
His personality and God given charisma is not easily replaceable. Indian Orthodox Church owe an immense lot to his personality and spiritual leadership. He was a great gift from God to the Church.  A light is gone from the Malanakra Church. He was a shining beacon.
He was the first Bishop of the Diocese of USA, and also Canada, UK &Europe which he served with utmost love and commitment, leaving a shining legacy as a pious hierarch. Beloved by thousands of Indian  Orthodox faithful, he will be remembered with everlasting gratitude as a model of benevolence, kindness and reconciliation..

His Grace announced about the pastoral visit six months in advance and visited all the parishes, met will the church dignitaries  and made all the orderly arrangements about the European zone council and last of all inaugurated the Sunderland parish, we never thought that His Grace was bidding  farewell to us.

 We can hear Thirumeny's last exhortation echoing, like St .Paul said  "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord , the righteous judge , will award to me on that day- and not only to me but also to all who have longed  for his appearing" (2 Timothy:4;8) Editor

To Whomever Concern
We thankful to Lord Jesus Christ for whoever put the news of Thirumeni's day by day updates.  Every morning that will be first thing we usually do, checking the updates.  Thanks for the pictures also.  This was so well done, since we live so far away, these things helped us a lot. Thanks again.  God bless you all.
George Varughese & Family
Edmonton, Alberta

H.G Dr Thomas Mar Makarios was an undoubted  and strong leader of the true faith and tradition of our church. Those who have met Thirumeni would remember him as a very articulate,  pleasant, highly knowledgeable spiritual father who delivered his inspirational speeches filled with joy and laughter. By visiting people affected by Katrina , having accessibility to our youth, therapeutic interventions during crisis situations etc.. etc.., our beloved Thirumeni went an extra mile unnoticed. Suffering is an inevitable part of human life .It is comforting that Thirumeni has entered into eternal rest gracefully.

He often offered Holy Qurbana and other sacraments in our church. Probably being the first parish of the American Diocese ,our church (St.Thomas Orthodox church,yonkers, NY) had a very special place for His Grace.
At this time of Thirumeni's home going farewell service Vettichira family share the grief and sorrow .'' He who beleives in me,though he die yet shall live '' John 11:26
Dr. Alice Vettichira
New York
Dear Rambachen, Mathews Achen and other family members of His Grace Dr. Thomas Mar Makarios,
I and my family want you to know that we pray to God to give you the courage to give His Grace a good send-off and in the meantime, I  will miss to hear that voice saying on the phone  " Chackocha, ithu Makarios Methrachana".  He was a great man, a friend in need, a good father figure to thousands, a good Christian and a Good Shepherd.  His name will be cherished by many from all continents.  Our heartfelt condolences on His Graces eternal journey.  Please remember us also in your prayers.  I will call you Rambachen when you return to Toronto.  I have seen the the sorrow in your face in the photos and pray that the Holy Spirit  console you and the rest of you.
A.C. Chacko
Edmonton (Canada)


The Vicar,Members of the managing committee & the faithful of Kalyan St Thomas Orthodox Syrian Church, under the Bombay Diocese express our deep condolences on the sad demise of our beloved Makarios Thirumeni, who was the First Metropolitan of the Bombay Diocese.
Ecumenical greetings, and thanks for keeping me and the Armenian Church informed about the painful news regarding the death of your Diocesan Bishop, HG Dr Thomas Mar Makarios, in Newcastle.
Although I, like many other friends of the Indian Orthodox Church, were praying for his recovery, the missives from Fr Abraham were admittedly not too encouraging. There was almost an inevitability to this sad news, an inevitability that was made even more poignant by its suddenness.
As I'm not in London, I cannot unfortunately be with you at church today. I therefore convey my condolences to the Indian Orthodox Church, to Fr Abraham Thomas and to you.
I'm aware that our Primate, HG Bishop Nathan Hovhannisian, accompanied by Fr Shnork, will be with you to share your pain and to partake in the prayerful reflections of your community that are underlined even more dramatically during this season as we go through a Lenten period that will take us from the pain of the cross to the glory of the Resurrection.
With convivial prayers,   harry:
dr harry hagopian
ecumenical, legal & political consultant
Armenian Church - London

H.G Mar Makarios Thriumeni was truly an inspiration and devoted leader of our Indian Orthodox Church. He assisted many in connecting with God, especially our youth. He will be greatly missed.

Joy & Family.
I learned with sadness this morning of the death of a friend of many years.  "Father Thomas," as I knew him first, came to Union Seminary in Virginia and gained his doctorate there around 1970  I was one of his three professors guiding his doctoral work.  He invited me later to go to the seminary in Kottayam as visiting professor, and we traveled widely through Kerala at the time.  I was privileged also to meet his father and mother at their home in Kerala.
The news of his death saddens me profoundly, and I offer you as a priest in his church my sincere condolences.
A month or so before his death I had written to Thirumeni and asked if there was a way in which I could help the seminary, since I retain my deep interest in theological education.  I do not know where to turn now to find an answer to my inquiry, and I will be grateful if you can direct me to someone, or tell me what I may be able to do.  I found a web page for the seminary, and at one time I saw the cost of a theological education.  I thought that might be one way I could help.  But at present I am at a loss.
Also, if you will be so kind, can you please give me the name and address of the Catholicos, so that I may write a note of condolence to him also?  I would appreciate that very much.
I gained access to your address through the Internet, and do not know your name, and I trust you will accept this inquiry in my expression of sympathy and appreciation of a very worthy and noble life, that of His Grace.
 (Dr.) Ross Mackenzie

Our bishop H.G. Dr Joshep Mar Makarios.He was down to earth humble , simple and always practical.His speeches are hard to forget.He was a good sheperd to the disapora.His affection towards children is great.Heart felt condolences .
Dr Wilfred Varghese and family.United Kingdom

Deep condolences may his grace rest in peace.
Agi, Biji, Shona & Shane


The Vicar,Members of the managing committee & the faithful of Dombivilli St Marys O S Parish, under the Bombay Diocese express our deep condolences on the sad demise of Makarios Thirumeni, who was the First Metropolitan of the Independent Bombay Diocese from 1976 to 1979.
Fr Varghese Yohannan Vattaparampil

We are saddened to hear that H.G. DR. THOMAS MAR MAKARIOS has started his eternal journey. He  was bishop who touched so many lives with his ability to communicate God's message of love. Our prayer group will miss his leadership deeply and our diocese has lost a sincere leader!

One of our fondest memories of your leadership was your support of our prayer group and the kindness you showed to our families.  You were a part of our extended family and you will continue to be in our prayers.  Many young people were influenced by your kindness and knowledge you possessed of our faith.  We were all better people because of the role you played in our lives. Thirumeni lived his life as a model of grace and goodness.  Our prayer group was blessed to have known him.  May God rest your soul.

The members of the Yonkers Prayer Group,  Yonkers, New York

Thank you  Thirumeni for always keeping our family in your prayers and guiding us for so many years.  We are all saddened to hear that you have left us but we know God has a special place for you in heaven!  Our thoughts and prayers will always be with you.  May God bless our diocese with many great and sincere leaders like you!  May god bless your soul. 
Shaji Thomas and family New Rochelle, New York


We are deeply saddened by the demise of His Grace. We lost a big leader and a Holy Father. We thank God for knowing HG and especially for our kids.  Thirumeni was a wonderful teacher for us.  HG will be deeply missed and may his grace rest in peace.
With Love & Prayers
Babu, Sheeba, cybil & Cyril 
Edmonton Alberta, Canada


The news came to us as a shock. But we thank God that he didn't suffer much and he is in a better place. He was one of the best Thirumenis. May God bless his soul. Thirumeni please remember us when you sit at the right side of Lord Jesus Christ.  Unfortunately our kids didn't get a chance to see him, but we both were fortunate enough to receive his blessings.  With tears in our eyes we bid you goodbye.
Alex, Vidhu, David and Leah 
New Castle,Delaware,USA
Our heartfelt condolences and may his soul rest in peace
With prayers
Jaisey Manju Ruben & Family

Makarios Thirumeni was very beloved to our family. He has been very influential in our lives and especially in our children's life. He will be remembered for ever by thousands who dearly love him. He was a big asset to the Malankara Church as well. We wish to convey our sincere & deepest condolences.

With Love & Prayers
George Parambil, SAani, Jesmi & Jaimie

With profound grief we,express our deepest condolences on our beloved thirumani's (H.G.Dr. Thomas Mar Makarios) journey into eternal life.He was a great shapered of our orthodox faith and an inspiration to our young generation.He will be in our prayers and we will miss him deeply.

With prayers ,

Jacob,Parambil, Annamma,Jeena,Jeny,
White Plains
NewYork .

Coveying our thanks & appreciation for your regular update on Thirumeni's condition during the last 7 weeks.May his soul rest in peace.
Regards & prayers
Bappu & Rebecca

Our beloved thirumeni is more than our thirumeni he is the angel that the lord send to us. He led his church like Moses who lead the people to freedom. Thirumeni led his church to his almighty plan. He worked his deed and finished the fight with the armor of God. Even if thirumeni is not with us his grace will always be amoung us watching from Heaven to guide his flock.  No matter how far he is the church can always remember the works that he did and can be seen in the children of U.S.A and the works he did around the world. At this time the members of St. Gregorios Cathedral Chicago Bellwood U.S.A give their condolenses to the fighter of the lord our loving Makarios Thirumeni..........Gregory Daniel(Chicago)

We are deeply grieved to hear the sad demise of our beloved Thirumeni. His demise is a great loss.  He was an undoubted and strong soldier of the true
faith and traditions of the Church to the very end. Thirumeni was a great shepherd.
Though he has departed from our visibility, he is still with us.  We    extend our deepest condolences.
With prayers,
   Baiju John & Family,   Warwick - UK


 Sunny Daniel and family,pallickal, ranny-vaikom,(from London, UK) 
deep condolences may his grace rest in peace.
Sunny Daniel,

Lazarus Rambachan,

Our sincere condolences to you and all your family members. His Grace will be in our prayers. H.G. meant a lot to our family and all our children. H.G. was really the shining star of the Indian Orthodox Church. He will be deeply missed.
With prayers,

Paulose Parambil, Ammini, Preetha, Priya, and Prince
White Plains, NY USA

May God Give Thirumeni Eternal Rest And May His Soul Rest in Peace!

Shaji Jacob
Newcastle, UK